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Callender Dermatologist

Dr. Valerie D. Callender is a highly respected dermatologist known for her expertise in treating various skin conditions. With over 30 years of experience, Dr. Callender has established herself as a leading figure in the field of dermatology. She is widely recognized for her commitment to providing exceptional care to patients of all ages and backgrounds. Dr. Callender's dedication to promoting healthy skin and her passion for dermatological research have earned her a stellar reputation among both colleagues and patients alike.

Educational background and qualifications of Dr. Callender

Dr. Valerie D. Callender, MD, is a highly esteemed dermatologist with an impressive educational background and qualifications. She received her medical degree from Howard University College of Medicine and completed her residency in dermatology at the University of Maryland School of Medicine. Dr. Callender further honed her expertise through a fellowship in cosmetic dermatologic surgery at the University of California, San Francisco. With over 25 years of experience in the field, she is widely recognized for her exceptional skills and knowledge in dermatology.

Specializations and areas of expertise in dermatology

Dr. Callender is a distinguished dermatologist with a wide range of specializations and areas of expertise in the field of dermatology. Her focus includes but is not limited to cosmetic dermatology, medical dermatology, ethnic skin care, and hair disorders. Dr. Callender is particularly renowned for her proficiency in treating various skin conditions such as acne, eczema, psoriasis, and skin cancer. Additionally, she has extensive experience in performing cosmetic procedures like Botox injections, dermal fillers, and laser treatments with exceptional skill and precision.

Notable contributions to the field of dermatology

Dr. Callender has made significant contributions to the field of dermatology through her extensive research on skin of color, leading to a better understanding and treatment of various dermatological conditions in diverse populations. She has also been actively involved in clinical trials for innovative skincare products and treatments, helping to advance the field and improve patient outcomes. Dr. Callender's work has been published in numerous prestigious medical journals, further solidifying her reputation as a respected authority in dermatology.

Patient testimonials and reviews on Dr. Callender's services

Patient testimonials and reviews on Dr. Callender's services consistently praise her expertise, compassion, and dedication to improving skin health. Patients commend her thorough examinations, personalized treatment plans, and effective results. Many have expressed gratitude for her ability to address a wide range of dermatological concerns with professionalism and care. Overall, Dr. Callender's patients value her exceptional skills and commitment to their well-being, making her a trusted choice for dermatological care.

Information on the clinic or hospital where Dr. Callender practices

Dr. Callender practices at the Howard University College of Medicine in Washington, D.C., where she serves as the founding director of the Center for Aesthetic and Ethnic Skin. This prestigious institution is known for its cutting-edge research and commitment to diversity in dermatological care. The clinic offers state-of-the-art facilities and a team of skilled professionals dedicated to providing comprehensive skin health services for patients of all backgrounds.

Appointment scheduling and contact details for consultations

To schedule an appointment with Dr. Callender for expert dermatological care, you can contact her clinic, the Callender Dermatology and Cosmetic Center, located at 9090 SW 87th Ct, Miami, FL. Consultations can be arranged by calling (305) 514-0318 or visiting their website at The clinic offers a range of services including medical dermatology, cosmetic procedures, and personalized skincare treatments to address various skin concerns. Don't hesitate to reach out and take the first step towards achieving healthy and radiant skin under the care of Dr. Callender.

In conclusion, seeking expert dermatological care from a professional like Dr. Callender is crucial for maintaining healthy skin. With her extensive education, specialized knowledge, and notable contributions to the field, Dr. Callender offers top-notch services to her patients. By scheduling an appointment at her clinic, you can benefit from personalized care and innovative treatments that will help you achieve and maintain optimal skin health. Don't compromise on your skin's well-being – trust Dr. Callender for all your dermatological needs.

Published: 03. 05. 2024

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Author: Harrison Bennett

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